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Cutting-edge Hong Kong technology lands in UK
Pushing boundaries and living light years ahead of others, Hong Kong blazes a trail in the technology world. Make no mistake, this is the global home of innovation.
After almost two decades of being in the business of smartphone accessories and gadgets, today we proudly bring VIDVIE to UK. From a UK based distribution and retail office, now consumers and retailers can discover VIDVIE for themselves.

A Brand to Shake Up the Status Quo

Sharp sounds, leaps and bounds
VIDVIE. It’s a name known throughout Asia and the Middle East. Renowned for designing and developing technology that reinvents smartphone ownership, this design is built to be people-focused.
Courageous in their innovation, VIDVIE are bold. From power banks to crystal-clear 3D sound speakers, this is technology that challenges the status quo.

Brands should be braced

VIDVIE is a worthy adversary
Not too long ago consumers had little choice but to opt for expensive global brand names, the quality and performance of VIDVIE products easily step up to rival names such as Apple and Samsung.
The development is painstaking, the research meticulous, and their engineers are among the best in the world. It’s no overstatement to say that VIDVIE is unrelenting in its bid to unseat the traditional brand leaders (a feat they’ve achieved both at home and overseas – from Hong Kong to the U.S.).
Yet while the tech may be cutting-edge, our ethos is simple – we deliver on the promise of exceptional products, at excellent prices.


Retailers, consumers

Get set to experience the intelligent future of smartphone accessories